Preston Rosedale Silver Dressage Show Prize List 2018

Dragon and Carolyn showing Prix St. George

Results from Preston Rosedale 2017 Silver Show

Preston Rosedale Silver Dressage Show
Silver Show August 26th, 2018     

Preston Rosedale Dressage Show August 26, 2018 is a Silver Dressage Show

Officials and Organizing Committee

Judge:  TBA
Steward: TBA 
Show Secretary: Carolyn Rathwell, (613) 267-0499:    
Show Manager: Carolyn Rathwell; 
Show Site Manager: Carolyn Rathwell; 
Scoring: Debbie Armstrong; Vet on Call – Perth Veterinary Clinic (613)267-7373; Farrier – Allan Cooley;  
First Aid: Jennifer Riley; EMS call 911
Show Secretary Mailing Address: 1439 Christie Lake Road, RR#4 Perth ON, K7H3C6
E mail Address:

Closing Date: Aug 19th, 2018, or when full.  

Riding Times: Start times and riding times will be posted on and on the OADG website, August 23th, 2018.

Competition Ring: 20X60 metre ring will be used for ALL classes except for walk trot tests.

Volunteers: Preston Rosedale Farm would like to acknowledge and thank all of our volunteers who make our shows, and your positive experience here possible. Volunteers work hard to enable this competition. When you see them at the show please treat them with respect and courtesy. 

Sponsors and Links: Without our many sponsors these shows, and the many wonderful prizes, would not be possible.  Sponsors will be posted the day of the show, and at

TENTATIVE SHOW SCHEDULE / classes offered– AUGUST 26th, 2018 SILVER SHOW (subject to change) (Where sufficient interest is demonstrated)

Once our prize list has been approved it will be posted here.






*Subject to sufficient interest   @ see Chapter 8 of EC’s Dressage Rules
** Freestyle tests are somewhat discounted to encourage riders to enter
**** Not rated for EC Awards      

All Entries to the Preston Rosedale Silver Dressage Show August 27th 2017 must be done through our website at  If you do not have access to a computer please call the show secretary Carolyn Rathwell at 267-0499 to make other arrangements.  Coggins and proof of insurance and signed paperwork may be uploaded to the entry.

Payments can be mailed to 1439 Christie Lake RD RR#4 Perth ON K7H3C6 or E Transferred to

Silver Entry Form 2017  ***Will be updated when 2018 prize list is approved***

Preston Rosedale Farm – General Rules and Show details

The August 26th, 2018 Preston Rosedale Silver Dressage Show is sanctioned as a Silver Competition of Equestrian Canada, 308 Legget Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 1Y6, and is governed by the rules of Equestrian Canada (Art. A602.1)

Closing Date
August 19th, 2018 or when full. Entries and all fees must be received by this date. Entries are accepted on a first come basis and will be closed when the show is full.

Show Office Hours
The Show Office is located in front of the house at 1439 Christie Lake Road.  Signs will also direct you to the show office.  It will be open one hour prior to the competition on Sun Aug 26th, 2018 and will close one hour after the competition ends.

All owners or competitors (Persons responsible) are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents, trainers, or their horses.  Up to date third-party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events, including those outside your province of residence is required.  For Ontario residents,  insurance is available through OEF membership.

Complete entries include: Fully completed and signed entry and waiver form (if applicable),  payment of all applicable fees, the Horse Recording Record activated for 2018; proof of rider and owner 2018 Equestrian Canada memberships (Silver or higher); proof of rider and owner 2018 OEF membership (or PSO membership), and copy of current (within 12 months) of negative Coggins Test.

Temporary Sport License registration
If a horse is owned by a Temporary Sport License holder, a temporary horse registration form must be purchased at each competition entered (such forms may be purchased from the Show Secretary).  Foreign entries must sign an affidavit (see EC General Rules A404)

Late Entries
No Late entries will be accepted.

Cheques should be made payable to the Preston Rosedale Farm and be dated no later than the show closing date (except as per late entries above).  Cheques should be mailed to Carolyn Rathwell, c/oPreston Rosedale Farm, 1439 Christie Lake Road, RR#4 Perth ON K7H 3C6; or delivered directly to the farm address. Post-dated cheques are not acceptable.  E-transfers will also be accepted

NSF Cheques
A $65.00 NSF fee will be charged for any cheques returned for any reason.

Scratches and Refunds
An entry may be withdrawn before the closing date (August 19th, 2018) with a Veterinarian/Doctor’s Certificate. The Admin Fee ($35.00) will be retained by the show, and the balance will be returned to the registrant. There will be no refund of stabling fees after the closing date. Scratches after August 19th, 2018 will lose all fees and payments.  All scratches/withdrawals must be made through the Show Secretary.

Number of allowable rides per day by horse
Equestrian Canada rules governing dressage shows shall apply.  Horses may compete in a maximum of four tests in one day.  More than one rider may ride the same horse/pony at a competition providing the horse/pony is not entered by two or more riders in the same class, and that there are not more than four tests per day by any single horse.

Two working copies of the freestyle music must be provided – electronic copies of the music are encouraged along with a working cord to plug into our speaker.  CD’s can also be used.  

Riding Hors Concours
Horses may be entered hors concours (non-competitive).  Hors concours entries are not eligible for prizes, placing or awards.  Such entries must pay the same dollar fee per test entered as regular entries, and are subject to all EC rules, including having EC horse identification.  A horse may compete both as an hors concours entry and a competitive entry.  The maximum number of tests whether competitive or not is four/day (including any freestyles).  No cross entering between Junior, Amateur and Open is allowed if an hors concours test is ridden.

Add-On divisions
Any rider desiring to compete in two categories of a level (e.g. Junior and Open or Amateur and Open) will pay the normal fee for the class + the add-on fee of $50.00/class.  Competitors will ride only once, and the resultant score will count for both categories.  You must identify on your entry form which categories you wish to enter.

Preston Rosedale Farm, its owners, employees and volunteers will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred to any person or animal, or for any damage to vehicles, trailers or other property while on the show grounds.

Security will not be provided.  The Show Organizers and the facility accept no responsibility for lost or stolen/damaged items.  Please do not leave items of value unattended.

Safety Headgear
All riders, regardless of age or level of competition, must wear properly fitted and fastened safety approved headgear at all times when mounted at any EC sanctioned Dressage competition at the event location (Art. A905).

Drug Testing
EC/FEI Drug and Medication rules apply at Preston Rosedale Farm competitions.  Any horse entered in any class at any competition may be selected for equine medical control testing while at the event location (A602.5).  A non-competing horse may also be subject to testing.

Test of Choice
All tests of choice (TOC) will be run in the Open Division.  Results are not rated for EC Awards, but may be used for Preston Rosedale Farm prizes and ribbons.  TOC results shall count towards points earned towards North American Junior and Young Rider Championships.

Assigned Numbers
It is compulsory for the horse’s assigned competition number to be worn by the horse or rider/trainer when the horse is outside it’s stall or trailer (from the time that the number is issued until the end of the competition so officials can identify the horse.  Failure to display the number will incur a warning for first offense and, I the case of a second or subsequent offences, possible elimination or disqualification at the discretion of the ground jury.

Reporting to Steward
All riders must report, still mounted, to the steward immediately following their test for an equipment check.  Failure to report will result in elimination from that class.  The rider may not remove any equipment or clothing before the inspection, nor may handlers remove any tack from the horse.

Right of refusal
The Show Committee reserves the right to refuse show entry to any person or horse, and to govern all conditions specific to the show.  Further, the Show Committee reserves the right to cancel or change any class, and to limit entries.

Decisions and Queries
Every class offered herein is covered by the Rules and Specifications of the current rules of EC and the additional rules, if any, imposed separately by the competition.  Questions concerning rules, scoring, or entries May be made to the Steward for discussion with the Show Secretary, and should be made before the end of show while officials are still present on the show grounds.  Any formal protests must be made in writing within 48 hours of  the completion of competition and accompanied by a deposit of $200.00 cash or certified cheque payable to Equestrian Canada. (See EC Rules). Questions not covered by the EC Rules and Specifications (including awarding of prizes and ribbons) shall be addressed and decided upon by the Show Committee, and their decision will be final.

Preston Rosedale Farm Show and other fees
Admin fee - $35.00 + HST; Drug Testing fee - $7.00 + HST; Dressage Canada levy -$10.00 (no HST charged);  Add-on Division - $50.00; incomplete documentation fee - $20.00 + HST.

Stabling Rates
Rates for stalls are as follows: Day Stall only - $80.00 if available.  HST applies to all stabling.  Contact Show Secretary for details and arrangements – 613-267-0499

Points awarded by the judge(s) are final  (see also Decisions and Queries).  Where there is only one rider in a  class, score percentages will be applied as follows:  1st place – 60% or higher; 2nd place 57% - 59.99%; 3rd place- 54% -56.99%; 4th place – 51% - 53.99%, 5th place 50 – 50.99%.  No ribbons will be provided below 5th place.

Prizes and Ribbons
Ribbons will be awarded to 6th place.  There will be a Champion and Reserve Champion award per level on the completion by all riders of the tests in that level, and posting of the results.  At least two technical tests must be ridden in that level for the rider to be qualified for champion or reserve awards.  For level awards, JR/AA/O scores will be combined within the same level.  To be awarded as Champion the average score of the two tests  must be over 60%, and over 57% for reserve champion.  If 3 tests are ridden at any given level, rider may use the two best scores .  No champion or reserve champion prizes will be awarded where there are not at least two competitors at the level in question, however ribbons will still be awarded. Other awards may be offered at the discretion of the organizing committee.

Picking up prizes and ribbons
Tests sheets from Judges and ribbons/gifts may be picked up at the show Secretary area upon completion of class/level, posting of the results. 

Additional rules of Show Committee
(See below)

Parking for horse trailers/friends and family is available in the field at the well marked field entrance  (East side of the laneway.) 

Schooling/Practice riding
Schooling is not permitted at any time within a competition ring unless specifically authorized. (i.e., competition rings on Friday afternoon, early evening).  Lungeing (unmounted) is permitted in the parking field only.  Warm-up is restricted to designated outdoor warm-up area or the arena.  Under no circumstances shall lungeing be permitted in warm-up areas.  Unless actually competing, no mounted riding is permitted in a competition ring.

Dogs are strictly prohibited at Preston Rosedale Farm

Driveway at 1439 Christie Lake Road Perth ON
The driveway adjacent to the parking field is for officials and handicapped use only.

No smoking is allowed in any of the buildings, including stables, barns, arena, show office or in competition and warm-up areas. 

Rules – General Statement 

Every class offered herein is covered by the rules and specification of the current rules of Equine Canada and will be held and judged in accordance with the EC Rule Book (Art. A602.2). All competitors are responsible for knowing these rules (
“As per A801, every entry at an EC sanctioned competition shall constitute an agreement by the person responsible that the owner, lessee, trainer, manager, agent, coach, driver or rider and horse shall be subject to the EC constitution and all rules of EC and any additional rules set by the competition. It is the responsibility of all individuals participating in any capacity in EC‐ sanctioned competitions to be knowledgeable regarding the EC Constitution and the applicable rules of EC and the additional rules, if any, imposed by the competition. Do not participate in this EC sanctioned competition in any capacity if you do not consent to be bound by the constitution and rules of EC and any additional rules imposed by the competition “ (Art.A602.7).

 Preston Rosedale Farm thanks you for choosing to participate at our Silver Dressage Show.

 Please also be aware that this show would not be possible without our show sponsors, and our many show volunteers.

The Preston Rosedale Dressage Show is sanctioned as a Silver competition of Equestrian Canada 308 Legget Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 1Y6 and is governed by the Rules of the Equestrian Canada.


Equestrian Canada, (EC), the National Federation of Canada, supports adherence to humane treatment of horses in all activities under its jurisdiction. All persons shall be committed to:

  • Upholding the welfare of horses, regardless of value, as a primary consideration in all activities.
  • Requiring that horses be treated with kindness, respect, and compassion, and that they never be subjected to mistreatment.
  • Ensuring that all equestrians, including owners, trainers, exhibitors and competitors, or their respective agents, use responsible care in the handling, treatment and transportation of their horses as well as horses placed in their care for any purpose.
  • Providing for the continuous well‐being of horses by encouraging routine inspection and consultation with health care professionals and competition officials to achieve the highest possible standards of nutrition, health, comfort and safety as a matter of standard operating procedure.
  • Providing current information on Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and other equine health and welfare initiatives;
  • Continuing to support scientific studies on equine health and welfare
  • Requiring owners, trainers and competitors to know and follow their sanctioning organization’s rules and to work within industry regulations in all equestrian competitions; and
  • actively promoting the development and adherence of competition rules and regulations that protect the welfare of the horse

The standard by which conduct or treatment will be measured is that which a person who is informed and experienced in generally accepted equine training and competition procedures would determine to be neither cruel, abusive nor inhumane (A602.3(f)).

Person Responsible  

The Person Responsible (PR) for a horse must be an adult, who has, or shares, responsibility for the care, training, custody, and performance of the horse and who has official responsibility for that horse under EC or USEF Rules. The PR is liable under the penalty provisions of the Rules for any violation of the applicable  EC  or USEF Rules. For the purpose of those Rules, the Person Responsible is normally the trainer, owner or the competitor who rides or drives the horse during an event, or a parent or legal guardian in the case of junior competitors. The Person Responsible is ultimately responsible for the condition, fitness and management of the horse and is alone responsible for any act performed in the stables, or elsewhere on the grounds, by himself or herself or by any other person with authorized access to the horse, or while the horse is being ridden, driven or exercised.  The Person Responsible must hold a valid EC Sport License in good standing at the same level or higher in which the horse is competing. However, when the competitor is a junior, the competitor cannot be the Person Responsible and the Person Responsible may be the trainer, or the owner of the horse , who must be at minimum, an EC or USEF member in good standing. The entry form must list the name of the Person Responsible, and be signed.  In the case of junior/minor entries, a parent/guardian is entitled to sign as PR.

Silver Entry Form 2017